Custom HubSpot Integration

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It’s tempting these days to take systems integration for granted. From “smart fridges” to FitBits, it’s easy to assume all platforms speak to each other seamlessly using the same language. But the reality is, especially when it comes to your business, vital integrations between key platforms don’t spontaneously spring to life. They often take careful consideration, customization, and implementation to be done right. 


Many times these integrations enable an important element of your business model. For example, an SMS integration with your scheduling software. Or, ensuring inventory on-hand is accurately broadcast to multiple sales channels simultaneously (and decremented, too). 


What could be more important than ensuring your sales team has timely and accurate access to prospects and leads? Sales processes in particular vary greatly across industries and between companies. CRM integrations for that reason are rarely standard, and our latest HubSpot integration is a prime example of that. 


Starting with source data, we built a custom function within WordPress to retrieve lead form submissions that were being captured through Gravity Forms. Within HubSpot, we had access to a private app with access token which required us to use the OAuth 2.0 authentication method. From there, we mapped all lead entry fields to custom properties on the Deal and Contact objects, and made sure they were linked. 


Ultimately we were able to house all the code with a custom WordPress plugin that can be used to onboard additional lead sources, or even integrate with multiple CRM instances. 


Solid system integration is a key ingredient to long-term success in your business, and it can’t be left to chance. Good data sharing across an organization can also enable collaboration between departments (and partners!) and the ability to accurately forecast projections and anticipate issues before they become problems.


Surpass Solutions specializes in systems integrations so if there are any silos or inefficiencies in your organization, or if your business is evolving, changing, or growing, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can evaluate your needs and build a custom connection just for you!


Thanks for reading!

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