Shopify App Approved!

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“Break out the Bourbon!”


It’s not every day you receive an email like that from a client… But that’s exactly what I found in my inbox this week! 


Surpass Solutions is proud to announce that Hafback has officially been approved as a public app on the Shopify app store!!! “Your app was approved” – four words we had been working hard to hear, and now that the app is officially listed we wanted to share how the journey started — and where it’s headed.


Brian Taylor, CEO of Hafback, came to Surpass in February with a Ruby-on-Rails app that was getting close to MVP status but needed the finishing touches to make it compatible and fully compliant with Shopify’s requirements for a public app.


Given that Hafback is in the reverse logistics space, I quickly conined the term “last mile development” for what we were about to embark on. But for anyone familiar with the Shopify public app requirements and review process, you’ll know that last mile is definitely the toughest! Brian needed someone familiar with the technology and the Shopify app and partner ecosystem who could manage this tricky process, and Surpass Solutions was able to deliver.


We started with implementing the OAuth process & integrating the Billing API for the recurring charge, then moved on to GDPR compliance and install steps, and finally cleared the review stage and were listed publically for merchants. Each of those steps could be a blog post on its own – and the devil, as usual, is in the details!!  


Now that Hafback is live, Surpass Solutions will be the dedicated development partner for them moving forward. We are proud to partner with Hafback who have a noble purpose in the “green returns” space.


The future is very bright for Hafback and Surpass is looking forward to supporting their expansion onto other platforms as well!


Our goal as always is to surpass your expectations, making your life easier and your business stronger and more successful. If you have a project or initiative that needs that final push, we are the team for you! Contact us today!

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