ZoomerMedia Production & Distribution Leads with Digital “Log On” Strategy

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September 9, 2022


ZoomerMedia is a leading Canadian diversified media company uniquely devoted to creating content, services and experiences for Canada’s most powerful audience – the 17.2 million people aged 45-plus, who they call “Zoomers”. 

As with many aging conventions Zoomers have broken, they are not “stuck in their ways” as far as online consumption of media & content is concerned, and continue to “Log On” in growing numbers every year. 

To acommodate and encourage online engagement & digital viewership, ZoomerMedia Production & Distribution is seeking to become increasingly technology-enabled and has selected Surpass Solutions to help lead this strategic initiative. 

ZoomerMedia content has a powerful & noble purpose and Surpass Solutions is proud to contribute to the effort to make this content readily accessible to an increasingly digital and mobile audience.

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